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April 1975. The entire community of the leafy Dublin suburb, Dun Laoghaire is shocked and baffled at the sudden disappearance of 18 year-old Lucinda Gray, a quiet unassuming girl who blends into the background. What could have happened in a seemingly uneventful life to make her vanish, as if into thin air? What happened in the days, months and years after her disappearance?

This is a tale, spanning two countries and eleven years, of the courage and determination of a young girl to make the most of the challenging cards which life has dealt her and the strength and resilience of her loved ones in dealing with the devastation of her loss.

Vanished is released on 7 October. It will be available in both print form and as an e-book on this website and, in print form in selected shops and in e-book form on Amazon, Apple i-Tunes and other e-pub sites.

Care and Prevention of Urinary Problems in Cats

This book was a labour of love to help our cat, Trig, to overcome recurrent cystitis. The vets treated this condition each time she had it but it kept coming back. Trig had changed from a happy, contented cat to a miserable animal who never seemed to be comfortable. As a person with a degree in Biochemistry and some experience in research, I set about designing a programme for Trig to make her happy again.

This book is an account of how I did this and a detailed description of the programme I devised.  There are two parts to the programme – the preventative part which describes a diet to feed to your cat to prevent urinary problems and a series of dietary supplements which may be administered if the cat has symptoms of cystitis. This programme has been very successful in preventing cystitis in Trig most of the time. She does occasionally get a mild dose of cystitis but the symptoms are much milder and only last a day or two when I give her the supplements.

This book is an i-book, an interactive book, guiding readers to find the best treatment for their particular cat, and is available on i-Tunes, the link being A print form of the book may be ordered from this website.

 The She Team

This is a children’s book which I am currently working on. It is the story of four female animals, three cats and a dog that are all abused by humans. These animals are actually based on pets we own or have owned. The cats are Smig, Trig and Ebi and the dog is Mags. In the book they are taken in by a family over a period of time and after an initial period of not getting on, they bond together and form the She Team to avenge the people who harmed them and to prevent these people hurting other animals.

Each animal has a different super power which helps the team to achieve its goal. Smig’s claws shoot out six inches when she is annoyed and they are razor sharp. Trig’s tail can extend and wrap around a person to immobilise them. Ebi only has one claw on each paw but these claws are very strong and she can use them to pick locks and also to type and Mags can hear through walls because  she has one ear that stands up while the other is flat and these ears can channel sound.

With all these super powers, the She Team is invincible but that is all of the story you are hearing for the moment!


Despite the fact that my three books are completely different types of books – a factual book, a novel and a children’s book, there is something in common between them -cats! Not only cats in general, but our cats. Trig was the star of Care and Prevention of Urinary Problems in Cats. Trig, Smig and Ebi featured in The She Team, along with Mags, the dog.

The link with cats is not as obvious with Vanished, but it is there. A significant character in the novel is Smig, Lucinda’s cat whom she adores. This cat is based on our pet, Smig, who was unfortunately put asleep in July, 2011since she had cancer. Smig in the novel actually plays an important part since she is Lucinda’s confidante to whom she tells all her secrets, so she is the way in which the reader hears many of Lucinda’s private thoughts.